Customer Spotlight: Food Manufacturer Overcomes ERP Limitations

Radley recently helped a leading North American deli meat processor fill gaps in their IFS ERP functionality while integrating their separate business systems into one. The company has over 50 years of history with products represented by 5 distinct brands.

After replacing a legacy ERP system with IFS, the company recognized many gaps in their new ERP’s functionality. They needed to streamline and add validation to their process from Receiving through Production, Inventory and Shipping.

Production processes were tracked manually which was inefficient and prone to errors. There was no real-time visibility to their inventory, which made daily physical inventory a necessity. As a food processor, the company was not prepared for a potential recall. Traceability was segmented and lacked real-time visibility to backward and forward product tracking.

The company chose Radley’s solutions because of its standard integration with IFS Applications. Radley’s Data Collection, Integrated Labeling, Inventory and EDI allowed the company to streamline order picking, and eliminate manual processes and inefficiency.

After implementing Radley solutions, the company increased efficiency throughout their manufacturing process—from receiving, through production to shipping. The implementation of Radley’s software solutions helped to provide real-time product traceability, achieving preparedness for potential product recalls and compliance to industry regulations. Significant time savings were realized in the customer’s inventory counts and shipment processing.

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