Inventory Control

Streamline and automate your inventory tracking and physical counts with easy-to-use, configurable software. Control and monitor inventory levels and item movement within multiple warehouses, stock rooms, field sites, distribution centers or facilities.  Use built-in data collection to simplify your processes by using data collection functionality to automate and validate transactions. You will not only improve the integrity of your data but are sure to experience increased productivity. Whether you want to supplement an existing system or introduce a comprehensive Inventory Control solution, our expertise in automated software, hardware, barcode and RFID technology can make your job easier.

Radley Inventory Control is a scalable, flexible, affordable enterprise class solution to improve your ability to monitor not just your inventory quantity and location but evaluate its overall value to your organization, allowing you to make better informed decisions.

  • • Real-time inventory information
    Such as quantity, location, lot/serial, expiration, cost, manufacturer, details, status, and image.
  • • Increased visibility
    Gives you control and accountability across multiple sites, warehouses and facilities.
  • • Proactive Tracking
    Receive notifications on expiration dates, location capacity, and counting approvals.
  • • Eliminate Manual Processes
    Reduces human error.
  • • Reduce Costs
    Reallocate assets, free up resources, optimize equipment utilization.
  • • Be Ready
    Plan ahead for production, customer, demand changes.
  • • Reduce Waste
    Account for damaged, lost, or scrapped inventory.
  • • Respond Rapidly
    Improve response time to product recalls or traceability requirements.
  • • Data Availability
    Analyze data for inventory bottlenecks, logistical gaps, product turnover.

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Data Collection is Included
Don't pay extra to automate your inventory process; Barcode Data Collection is included in our standard product. Through the modern, easy to use software client, by scanning from the desktop or utilizing a handheld device, you can automate transactions to receive, issue to production or a work order, perform an inquiry, move locations, scrap inventory, complete spot or cycle counts all while printing barcode labels along the way.

Quick and easy, perform simplified transactions while eliminating manual efforts and decreasing human error. You can configure your transactions to prompt for specific data based on your process and requirements that will be stored and tracked within the inventory record. Inside and outside the four walls, real-time or batch you can manage and control unlimited items, products and materials.

  • • Configure Transactions to Consolidate Multiple Processes
  • • Signature Capture
  • • Real-Time or Batch
  • • Label Printing
  • • Data Validation
  • Web Supplier Labeling
  • • RFID
  • PLC/Machine Integration
  • • Site Survey for RF Network/Access Points

Control & Manage

Item Master Screen

Inventory affects all areas within your organization. Real-time, accurate information and details can be the differentiator between meeting customer/industry standards, continued customer satisfaction, and making effective business decisions.

  • • Expiration & Shelf Life Tracking
  • • Define Package Types
  • • Manage Supplier, Manufacturer, and Customer Details
  • • Allow or Disallow Transactions Per User
  • • Multiple Units of Measure, UOM Conversion
  • • Item Revision Tracking
  • • Define Inventory Status
  • • Full System & Transaction Audit History
  • • Configurable Item Grouping, Characteristics
  • • Set Safety Stock Level
  • • Inventory Costing/Valuation
  • • Location Capacity Tracking
  • • Real-time Data Validations
  • • Set Counting Rules & Tolerances

Item In-stock Screen

What our clients are saying...
"The upgrade overall was a huge success. Our management team was very happy...We worked with several vendors on this project...and in my opinion Radley was the easiest to work with and had the quickest response time..."