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Radley’s platform of EDI, MES and WMS software solutions were designed to support a wide range of industry, government, customer & supplier label requirements. By integrating and automating labeling throughout the supply chain you can eliminate manual tasks, simplify workflows and decrease errors.

Would You Like To...

  • Scan supplier/vendor labels upon receipt to update your ERP
  • Automatically print customer specific shipping labels
  • Integrate labeling to EDI
  • Have multiple label formats to choose from
  • Build up pallet/container relationships
  • Implement end-of-line labeling
  • Utilize labeling to track labor and resources
  • Integrate labeling to FedEx
  • Meet track & trace requirements

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Streamlined Picking Case Study
Streamlined Picking Process

Do You Have Label Requirements?

Radley’s software solutions support a wide variety of label standards & requirements such as GS1, SSCC, FPLA, CPSC, GTIN, FDA, etc.

Want suppliers to ship you materials with your specific label ALREADY applied?

Streamline Receiving Process:
  • • Different label formats for different suppliers
  • • Include your part number, supplier’s or both
  • • Have your shipping label applied to pass through inventory
  • • You control label formats, no need to contact suppliers
  • • On-line application, no software install for suppliers

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Radley labeling solutions integrate to Bartender design and print software.

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