B2B EDI Automation

Radley B2B EDI, Hosted EDI Solution - EDI Mapping, EDI Translation

As the next generation solution for B2B EDI automation, iR*EDI (pronounced EYE-red-ee) naturally supports the dynamic requirements of cloud and private networks, traditional and emerging standards, communications, security, privacy.

Just as importantly, iR*EDI leverages Radley's extensive experience with all things EDI to take the pain out of your day-to-day EDI operations and put EDI to work for you.

Supports Any EDI Standard, including: EDIFACT, ANSI X12, ODETTE, VDA, UCS, TRADACOMS, WIN, VIC, TDCC and XML formats.

Supports Any Communications Protocol, including: Point-to-Point, FTP, HTTP/s, FTPs, Bisync, AS2, etc.

Supports any network that provides EDI services for trading partners.

Application integration: iR*EDI is the eCommerce backbone for many enterprises and has been integrated to all the of the popular business applications.  iR*EDI was built for integration, supporting past and present messaging technologies from file drops to web services.  Documents can be integrated from any application on a scheduled or on demand basis

Flexible Functionality