Scanners & Devices

Easily collect data in your operations and communicate with your back-end business system(s). Best-in-class Honeywell scanners, mobile computers and devices improve performance and productivity when combined with Radley software solutions.

Benefits of Implementing Honeywell Hardware

Honeywell CK75 mobile computer
  • • Reduce cycle times and errors
  • • Increase workforce productivity
  • • Speed material flow
  • • Reduce production downtime and lags
  • • Help prevent costly reworks
  • • Reduce order errors and returns
  • • Improve customer satisfaction
  • • Increase collaboration throughout your entire operation
Are you ready to implement Honeywell hardware? Shop the latest scanners, mobile computers and devices in our Featured Products section, or contact a Radley Product Specialist.
Radley Software on Honeywell Devices
With hardware purchased from Radley, you have one central vendor to contact for training, troubleshooting or support issues. Pair your Honeywell hardware with Radley software to simplify shipping & receiving and streamline your warehouse operations. Not a terminal emulation (TE), our solutions can be installed directly on your Honeywell mobile computer. Perform tasks in real-time, off-line or batch mode to accommodate network range, security and your unique processes.

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What Hardware Do I Need?

The type of hardware selected greatly depends on your process, environment and materials to be scanned.

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Our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the hardware that will best meet your specific needs and requirements. Contact a Product Specialist to get started.
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