Automotive Demand Management

The complete solution for Automotive EDI

Anything-to-anything communications, translation, and preconfigured trading partners make iCARaS a complete communications and translation solution with specific automotive functionality — not a consulting engagement to create one!

EDI Working for You!

Comprehensive Anything-to-Anything EDI Translation and Anything-to-Anything Communications

Automate your day-to-day EDI operations and bring transparency and traceability to your business processes. iR*EDI transforms EDI from a customer-required necessity into a productivity tool that works for you!

Supply Chain Visibility

Simple yet Powerful
Supply Chain Visibility Tool Set

Capitalize on information readily available in your existing business applications.  iSC reduces supply chain management costs by consolidating supplier demand into one delivery system. This flexible technology can be deployed quickly to meet continuously shifting demand, supply, and regulatory conditions.

Business Activity Monitor (BAM)

Radley's graphical dashboards provide your operational staff, managers, and business analysts real-time visibility into the progress and performance of your ongoing business processes, allowing them to make better business decisions and take the appropriate corrective action when necessary. BAM incorporates built-in functionality to our eCommerce platform and can leverage your legacy information.

EDI Managed Services

EDI Managed Services (EMS) lets you focus on your critical business activities while we manage the day-to-day responsibilities of maintaining your EDI system. Based on your individual needs, you can use EMS for as many or as few of your daily EDI activities as you choose.


VAN Services

Have your costs for VAN services increased over time, while the services you receive have declined? Partnering with EasyLink Services International Corporation, we can offer you the highest quality VAN services at great cost savings through a fixed per-kilo character fee structure. Contact us now to discover what you can save.

Take the next step...

We know that simply visiting a website, viewing a video or reading a white paper can never fully address your organization's list of requirements. We invite you to schedule time with a Radley Representative to review your needs. Contact us now for a no-charge, comprehensive needs analysis to determine how Radley EDI Solutions can work for you.