Total EDI Solutions

Increase speed and accuracy while decreasing costs associated with manual paper processing, regardless of your industry. Radley’s comprehensive EDI technology platform offers a variety of flexible and affordable solutions:

Complete B2B EDI Solution

Maintain trading partner compliance and improve productivity without increasing staff. iREDi business-to-business EDI software automates business transactions, eliminating time-consuming manual tasks and error-prone data entry.

iCARaS Automotive EDI
Automotive EDI Solution

Streamline communication between you and your trading partners; stay compliant, eliminate redundancy and reduce costs. Designed for the automotive industry, iCARaS EDI software simplifies release accounting, demand reporting, shipping labels & more.

iSC Supplier Collaboration
Supplier Collaboration Portal

Reduce costs, manage risk of disruption and increase productivity, regardless of your suppliers' EDI capabilities. Radley’s iSC solution provides an easy to use web-based portal for suppliers to execute business transactions, run reports and automate tasks.

Benefits of Radley EDI

  • Flexible deployment options: on-premise, on-demand on any cloud
  • EDI Managed Services that significantly decrease the need for IT resources.
  • iR*EDI Mapper, a web-based EDI translator tool with built-in reusable components that simplify the mapping process.
  • VAN Services for exchanging EDI documents with your trading partners for real-time delivery of all your EDI and Non-EDI data.
  • Reduce inventories and shrink order fulfillment cycle times with supplier online collaboration.
  • Integration between EDI and your ERP or business system for complete visibility and communication to process and manage your transactions.
  • Receive real-time alerts and notifications for communication failures or build errors.