Integrated Data Collection Means Better Information

Collecting data manually from the manufacturing floor leaves a lot of room for error. Inaccurate and incomplete information makes it hard to determine how well processes are running and what needs improvement. Several problems arise from manual data entry:  ...

Automated Data Collection: Count the Ways Its Saves

Many manufactures balk at the upfront costs of automated barcode data collection software. But a look at manual data entry reveals hidden costs. These costs can be significantly reduced by automatic identification and data capture (AIDC). Production managers seek ways...

Filling in the ERP Gap

ERP-connected applications are being developed to go further and do the jobs that ERP systems often miss.

3 Benefits of the Intelligent Shop Floor

A truly intelligent shop floor brings business software into close contact with automated manufacturing systems, giving a top-to-bottom view of the environment as it really is.

RFID 101

This technology is similar to barcoding; however, RFID systems are able to store much more information than traditional barcodes. So, how does this tool work?