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3 Benefits of Real-Time Shop Floor Data Collection

Technology continues to improve the way we do business. This is especially true when it comes to business process automation. Throughout the production process, real-time shop floor data collection technology gives management access into manufacturing floor activity.
That said, data collection software all too often remains divorced from other business systems. In contrast, a true intelligent shop floor integrates ERP software into the mix. As a result, manufacturers have a top-to-bottom view of the environment as it really is. Furthermore, real-time data from the shop floor to the back office means a single system of record.
Real-Time Data
The intelligent shop floor gives real-time, accurate data. This includes labor and production costs, as well as the status of work orders in progress.
That means if a client calls for a status update, the most up-to-date information is at your fingertips. With a few clicks, anyone with access can find out what projects are underway. If there are any problems on the line, you can see those too.
Big Picture View
Better details mean a clearer picture. The intelligent shop floor gives information on production times. Thus, allowing you to compare productivity of workers and machines.
Use the objective data collected from these integrated systems to improve processes. For instance, you can spot problem areas, and also areas which are working well.
The right software system adds accurate data on labor and machine performance. Plus, real-time manufacturing software lets shop floor managers check quality control.
Less Paper (and More Accuracy)
Another, far less efficient way to get much of this data involves handwritten reports. Such reports take time, use paper and are subject to all manner of human error.
An intelligent shop floor software product cuts out the middle man. Thus, freeing workers to do their jobs without taking time out to fill out endless reports. Eliminating manual data entry frees shop management to focus on just that—managing.
For more information about real-time shop floor data collection, contact us today. See how Radley Solutions can help take control of your manufacturing process.
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