Integrated Data CollectionRFID & Barcode Data Capture Software

Easily capture and communicate data in your warehouse and manufacturing operations with your back-end business system(s). Incorporate barcode scanning hardware for real-time information exchange.

Configurable to Your Workflows
Based on your specific business logic, Radley consolidates numerous tasks into one simple workflow. Workers follow the software prompts as Radley technology validates data, updating your system behind the scenes.

Simple Interface

Scalable to Your Needs
Implement alone or combine with other Radley solutions to significantly reduce errors, wasted time and manual efforts. Radley data collection offers mobile capability for iOS, Windows and Android devices, as well as traditional handheld terminals and a web-based user interface.

If you're ready to improve and automate processes, streamline workflows and reduce errors contact us today!

Streamlined Picking Case Study
Streamlined Picking Process

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Benefits of Radley Data Collection

  • Drive Efficiency:
    Perform inventory inquiries, reprint labels and download pick lists all from mobile computer hardware
  • Exchange Real-Time Data:
    Bring the IoT (Internet of Things) together. Connect multiple systems, databases, equipment and machines
  • Maintain Compliance:
    Automate labeling and configure to meet requirements such as: GS1, FDA, GTIN & more
  • Gain Control of Your Processes:
    View WIP with real-time visibility into consumption and finished goods