Containerization/KittingGroup, Package & Track Items

Radley's Containerization & Kitting solution provides powerful options for grouping, packaging and tracking related items. Implement as a complete stand-alone solution or integrate to compliment your existing ERP or Business System.

Simplify Scans & Transactions
Simplify the number of scans and transactions to be performed during your process. Build up pallet and container relationships for the Receipt, Movement, WIP, Finished Goods and Shipment of materials and products.

Link Data With License Plating
Powered by our trademarked IntelliLabel® technology, a serial or “license plate” can be created for a container or kit of multiple items at any point in your process. Scan product into boxes, boxes into crates, crates onto pallets and pallets into containers. Receive, move or ship each individual product with a scan of the container license plate, while we update your ERP or business system behind the scenes.

Streamline Production
Radley's Containerization & Kitting software also streamlines shop floor production. Kitting provides just-in-time inventory when and where it's needed, eliminating risk of data error, damage, loss or pilfering. Simply scan related items and create a label before issuing to assembly.

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Functionality Highlights

  • Consolidate Transactions
  • Integrate to Business Systems
  • Track Mixed Containers
  • Streamline Shop Floor Assembly
  • Support Barcoding & RFID
  • Enable JIT Inventory