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What’s New with MMOG/LE?

This summer, the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) and Odette International released Version 5 of the Materials Management Operations Guideline/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) assessment. The MMOG/LE assessment has been the document for automotive supply chain best practices for global Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers since it began in 2002.

Version 5 includes both a full assessment and a basic assessment. The full assessment is used between the OEM and Tier 1 suppliers. The basic assessment is a subset of the full version, and is used by lower tiers of the supply chain.

Version 5 includes more emphasis on risk management and cyber security, changing to keep up with technology advancements in the industry.  Full electronic exchange of data via EDI or web solution is also required in V5.  Not only does the customer require that their supplier exchange EDI data with them, but they also require the suppliers to exchange EDI documents or have a web solution with their sub suppliers.

The MMOG/LE assessment has always been Excel based, but this year it was updated to a browser based solution called (New Platform).  As suppliers move to Version 5, they will also be moving off of Excel and onto the modern Cloud application. offers a state of the art tool that includes audit trails, user access management, and data security.  Most OEMs will require the Version 5 assessment and beginning in 2020.

For more information about the MMOG/LE assessment or information on EDI translation options for customers and suppliers, please contact your Radley Account Manager.

Written by Bobbie Jarvi
Technical Support Manager – EDI
Radley Corporation
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