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What Are the Benefits of Serial Number Tracking?

Using unique serial numbers based on product lifecycle can provide valuable information about current inventory and the production process. To optimize efficiency, a manufacturing enterprise should know how much of each item, in each lifecycle, they have currently in production. A company can use the number of parts and products to understand the lifecycle of their product.
Inventory management is commonly tracked on a per-serial number basis. From raw material delivery, to every point along production, serial numbers are entered into systems.
Tracking in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Serial number tracking is particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry. The Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) outlines steps to build a system to identify and trace certain prescription drugs as they are distributed in the U.S.
The requirements are phased in over a period of 10 years by providing a migratory path from lot traceability to serialization to item-level tracking. The purpose is to prevent falsified medicinal products from entering supply chains and degrading product integrity.
Serialization protects the pharmaceutical supply chain. It also aids product recall efforts for pharmaceutical companies and distributors. A simple scan makes it easy to identify a product’s location so it can be removed from inventory.
Tracking for Customized Products
Using serial numbers is also great for managing customized or made-to-order products, where not every model is the same. Sending the wrong model could mean losing business or frustrating customers. By using serial number tracking, you can effectively keep track of each individual product and be sure every order will ship to the correct address.
Tracking Software Considerations
A user-friendly serial number tracking software solution tracks life cycles from raw materials to produced parts. It can integrate into other aspects of your business. By using measurements to better understand the manufacturing process, you will be able to gain efficiencies through improved labor processes and productivity. This will help to separate you from your competitors.
To take full advantage of these benefits, you may need to implement barcode data collection, MES, or inventory management software. Radley’s serial number tracking software help companies automate and streamline processes while maintaining compliance and improving overall efficiency.
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