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Radley Technical Support is Here for You

I hope this article finds all our customers, their families, and colleagues doing well and not adversely affected by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Currently, Radley’s Technical Support team – as well as all our other departments – is adhering to Michigan’s ‘Stay Home/Stay Safe’ guidelines.   Thankfully, due to our forward-thinking business continuity plans, our teams have been able to leverage various technologies to work remotely, with virtually no disruption whatsoever to our customers.   As a result, our dedicated team is still here and available to assist wherever and whenever we can.

What does this mean to you?   Our updated phone system allows for the forwarding of all incoming phone calls to us at home.   We’ve got the ability to take calls via a companion application on our personal cell phones, or even bring our office phones home with us. In essence, it allows us to field calls just as if we were at our desks at our Radley offices.  So when you call for Support during our normal business hours, you’ll get a living, breathing person taking your call to assist you.

In addition, we’ve put in safe, secure VPN’s which allow us to connect to our applicable server environments, and to our customers’ systems if necessary.  Again, this nearly mirrors those capabilities we have while in our physical offices.   On those rare occasions where we can’t login remotely, we can leverage other screen-sharing tools like Go-To-Meeting, Chime, Web-Ex and other applications compatible with our customers’ requirements.

Finally, our email system is based on a popular, web-based business-level platform.  This gives us access to a variety of tools for not only email, but features for file-sharing/data repositories, messaging, calendars and more.

Should you need technical support, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the Customer Portal or the following phone options:

EDI Support  248-559-6503

Data Collection Support  616-541-1008


Mark Walker – Director, Radley Technical Support

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