Did You Know? There’s a New RadTrack on the Way!

Radley Corporation is excited to announce a new Radtrack Customer Portal user interface (UI) update.

The new UI will have some great features that will make Radtrack visually more appealing and easier to navigate.  In addition, Radtrack has been redesigned from the ground up for a seamless Mobile user experience.

Radley RadTrack user interface


Putting more Power in Our Customers’ Hands

Customer Administrators will have the ability to Add, Remove, and Update Contact information and assign which contacts will have Radtrack login access.

Radley RadTrack users list

Contacts as well as administrators will be able to subscribe to a list of email channels to keep up to date on issues and important information that will be shared by Radley.


Radley RadTrack dashboard

Tracking Development Issues through to Delivery

The new RadTrackUI will allow users to see the progress of their development issues with the addition of a new progress bar on the reported issue screen.  If you have reported an issue that needs to go to development, you will be able to track the progress and see in which release week it will be available as well as what date it will be deployed on the Radley Cloud.

Look for the new RadTrack to be available in mid-December.