Web Supplier Labeling

Radley Makes It Easy

For most manufacturers, barcode labeling is an important part of everyday activities and many find it difficult to get suppliers to conform to their label standards. Radley’s Web Supplier Labeling allows your suppliers to print bar code labels from your formats using your data for shipment to you—streamlining your receiving process. And best of all it’s all ONLINE—no need for your supplier to spend money on software costs.

Requirements for your supplier are minimal—all they need is a PC with Windows OS, a Web Browser and a bar code label printer. You assign your suppliers only the part numbers they will be shipping. No re-labeling is required—use the supplier printed label as long as it’s needed.

Supplier Requirements:

  • Windows OS 2000+
  • Web Browser
  • Bar Code Label Printer

Benefits of Web Supplier Labeling

  • Change label formats quickly, no need to contact your suppliers
  • Provide different label formats to different suppliers based on need
  • Have your part number, supplier part number or both on label
  • Have pass through items labeled with your shipping label