Customer Spotlight – Medical Processor Integrates 3 Separate Systems

Radley recently helped a leading biological tissue processor with business system integration, integrating three separate business systems. The company has quickly grown to become a global premier processor, marketer and distributor of human amniotic tissue. Their products are used in a variety of reconstructive surgical procedures including durable soft tissue grafts and unique ophthalmic, spinal, orthopedic, and dental implants.

As they grew, the company had implemented three separate database systems: QAD ERP, FedEx shipping and a stand-alone labeling system. With data separated between the three systems, they were seeking a way to integrate the data while also streamlining inventory tasks and adding validation to their picking process.

Their ERP, QAD, required multiple steps to process shipments and manual tasks to update data. Shipment information stored in FedEx was isolated from customer records in QAD, so there was no validation for shipments of serial numbered parts, leading to shipping errors. As a medical distributor, they adhered to a number of industry and government regulations that required them to retain very specific data records. Any software solution needed to be FDA validated and all inventoried items were required to have a Certificate of Conformance.

After considering several other software solutions, they selected Radley and our platform of solutions including: Data Collection, Integrated Labeling, and Inventory Control to consolidate their data, fill in gaps in QAD functionality, and streamline their inventory, picking and shipping processes.

“Efficiency is through the roof,” said their Director of Information Technology.

One of the biggest areas of improvement was their picking process. A ten step process within three systems was reduced to just three clicks on one system. Inventory was able to be picked by expiration date and multiple pickers were able to allocate inventory as they were picking, all while updates were automatically made to QAD. Order status and FedEx shipping information could be viewed in real-time. The new system also supports picking and printing of GS1 barcoded product.

After implementing Radley solutions, Radley’s integrated data collection solution allowed them to reduce manual tasks and automate processes to increase productivity in their warehouse. The implementation of Radley’s software solutions helped to eliminate nearly all of the manual data entry for the picking and processing of orders and saved hours of wasted time. Real‐time visibility was gained into inventory, including serial numbers while part and material movement is streamlined using scanning hardware.

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