Managing Automotive Demand

Managing automotive demand during a time of fluctuating schedules can be challenging. To complicate matters, not all trading partners manage schedule decreases the same way. Some trading partners send zero requirements as schedules drop off, whereas other trading partners stop sending releases entirely.

Staying up-to-date on these schedule changes is critical, and Radley’s iCARaS reports can help you keep on top of things during this period of uncertainty. Located under the Release Reports menu option, iCARaS Release Reports are valuable tools for analyzing demand and identifying exceptions. Here are some key reports to help you manage demand.

Net Change

Quickly spot changes between the current and prior release and current and prior ship schedule. This report may be run by percent change.

High Fab and Raw

See the highest authorization amounts transmitted by those trading partners that include high fab and raw authorizations in their releases.

 Cum Discrepancy

Identify potential discrepancies between your year-to-date cumulative shipped quantity and your trading partner’s year-to-date cumulative quantity – critical for accurate requirements for cumulative-based trading partners.

Release History Reports

Review historical requirement quantities over a period of time.  Release history must be enabled in Trading Partner Options when releases are processed to be available.

Obsolete Parts

Pinpoint part/destinations that have not received a new release for a given number of weeks and have a number of consecutive zero requirements on file.

At Radley, we’re here to help! If you need additional information on any of these reports or the best way to review your requirements, please contact our EDI support team and we’ll be happy to assist you with managing automotive demand.