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How To: Request a Hardware Repair

One of the things Radley Corporation takes great pride in is being a ‘turn-key, one-stop’ partner with our customers. From defining the software and functional ERP requirements to integrating them into all the moving pieces of hardware, we strive to do it all. The hardware may include RF Access points, network and wireless stationary printers, portable Bluetooth printers, hand-held mobile computers and even attached or wireless scanning devices for PC’s. Most recently, devices with Android Operating Systems have been leveraged by our customers. These include hand-held computers as well as tablet-type platforms.

While Radley’s Technical Support services often deal with software issues, another benefit is that our team can facilitate an RMA (Return Material Authorization) for hardware repairs. Many ‘shop floor’ operations are environments which are – to say the least – harsh on devices. Invariably, a device will encounter a problem due to normal wear and tear. Or something more extreme may happen – like being run over by a fork-lift, or falling off an upper-level mezzanine location!

With a hardware maintenance support contract a customer can give Radley’s Support team quick call or send an email to facilitate a repair for most hardware.

To ensure full visibility, we initially open a ticket in Radtrack, our issue tracking system, and record the Radtrack number. With a serial number from the faulty device (printer, scanner, tablet, etc.) and a brief description of the issue, we can either call in an RMA to our hardware partners, or enter it ourselves via a web-based portal. There are several benefits of having Radley Support assist with these efforts.

First, we enter all details associated with the hardware problem in Radtrack. This provides us visibility to the status of your issue.

Then, we generate an RMA with the hardware manufacturer. This includes tracking and processing all the information related to the RMA. We record the RMA number, file copies of applicable shipping documents where the device is to be sent to for repairs, and update you on your hardware issue.

Depending on the details of the contract, a turn-around for a repair may be in two days, to as many as five days. We have visibility with the manufacture on the status of these RMA’s. All this history is helpful to ensure timely and efficient completion of the issue. Plus, we make sure you’re updated with each step of the process.

Finally, when a repair has been completed, we provide you with a document generated by the repair tech explaining the repairs performed. We also give you the return-shipping tracking numbers.

Should you have questions on the status of the repairs, or have any additional issues to be added to the RMA effort, Radley Support has a direct line to a number of resources with our hardware partners, including Honeywell and Zebra Technologies. Plus, we have our own internal history of the repair tasks.

Even you’re not sure of the status of maintenance contracts on devices, we can check on those with nothing more than a serial number. In addition, our office management team ensures when contracts are set to expire, you’re given ample notice and an opportunity to renew maintenance on them. Again, it’s a total team effort—and one we’re proud to be a part of.

If you have any issues related to hardware, feel free to contact Support via phone at 616-541-1008, or via email at To learn more about hardware maintenance support contracts, please contact your account manager.


Written by: Mark Walker, Director of Customer Support



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