How To: Protect your System from Attack – Stay Up to Date

Software updates are important to your digital safety and cyber security. A software vulnerability is a security weakness found in a software program or operating system. Hackers can take advantage of these weakness by writing code to target the vulnerability. The code is packaged into malicious software or malware. This malware can allow the attacker to gain control over your system and encrypt your files.

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It is very important for businesses to stay current on their hardware and OS updates as part of their network security/intrusion prevention policy.  Ransomware attacks are on the rise.  Unfortunately, over the course of the last year several Radley customers, as well as some large OEMs, learned that this was a very real threat that can cause major disruptions to operations.

Security is a top priority at Radley as we continue our mission to provide best of class software solutions to our valued customers.  To meet the security challenges of today’s world, we have made a significant investment into our Cloud EDI service to ensure strict security standards including a comprehensive disaster recovery environment that most businesses want to have, but sometimes never achieve. Today our cloud customers enjoy the peace of mind that their EDI application is running in a safe, secure environment that stays current with the latest OS updates.

Keep Software Current

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Server 2008 in January 2020.  They stopped supporting Windows 2003 back in 2015.  When Microsoft stops supporting a version of Windows, they will no longer provide regular security updates for these systems, leaving these systems vulnerable and at a higher risk for cyber threats such as ransomware or computer viruses. The practice of continuing to utilize outdated and unsupported software is extremely risky in today’s environment given the potential consequences.  Keeping operating software current is now a necessity and a key priority for any Information Technology team with a Network security plan.

radley edi software updatesCustomers running Radley products on unsupported versions of Windows are highly encouraged to begin the process of moving to Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019. Radley is ready and able to provide assistance during the migration process.  We encourage customers to be proactive and begin the migration process as soon as possible to avoid the risks associated with using unsupported versions of Windows Server.  For those who are concerned with the cost of investing in a new server, you may want to move to Radley’s EDI Cloud, which many customers have chosen.  Radley’s Cloud servers are kept compliant with the latest versions of Windows Server and the hardware and software maintenance for these servers is performed as part of a Cloud subscription.

If you are interested in discussing what would be involved in moving to the Radley cloud environment or migrating to a new server, please contact your Radley Account Manager or EDI Support.  As always, we appreciate your business and thank you for being our customer.