How to Choose an EDI Provider

Electronic data interchange software (EDI) is an essential tool for partners in today’s supply chains. But integrating EDI software can be a complex maneuver, with a lot of moving parts—transfer and translation, standardizing integrations, building and parsing EDI documents, and integrating those documents with back-end applications. How do you choose an EDI provider?

You need to ensure the software you select will meet all your partners’ requirements in the long term. You need to meet near-term requirements, too. These may include transitioning customer and supplier collaboration to your new EDI deployment.

Securing the right EDI software and services for your business is essential for meeting these requirements. That’s why we’ve identified four criteria to help you choose the right EDI solution. Consider the following steps as you work to improve how you manage mission-critical information in your enterprise, and see how partnering with a total solution provider can facilitate that success.

Find a Solution Whose Benefits Align with Your Goals

Your solution should align with a predetermined list of business and operational objectives agreed upon by all affected parties. Whether it’s reducing redundancies and unnecessary costs, maximizing ROI for external business applications, or simply improving inter-party trust, find a provider who can help you connect the technical aspects of your EDI software integration with these goals.

Find a Solution That Makes Integration Easy

One key to making EDI work for you is ensuring that transaction data is available for analysis. As a result, you’ll be better able to anticipate and respond to critical business events.

Also keep in mind that each of your trading partners may have their own requirements. The right EDI provider is agile enough to format the EDI solution to each partner’s unique specifications to keep you compliant.

A total EDI solution provider will help you achieve integration between your EDI and enterprise applications. Your provider will position you to begin working towards your predetermined objectives immediately, without risk of disrupting existing processes or partner relationships.

Find a Solution You Can Personalize

Find an EDI platform that allows you to choose your preferred deployment method and select only the technologies you need for critical business processes. A Cloud environment can grow with your business and doesn’t require hardware purchases. Alternatively, an On-premise solution gives you more control over your hardware and data.

Also, you’ll want to consider your in-house team’s ability to manage EDI in-house. You may decide you’d rather free yourself from the day-to-day maintenance of an EDI system. If so, be sure to select an EDI provider which offers cost-effective Managed Services.

Partnering with a total solution provider will allow you to easily outsource certain processes, if you choose, and expand capabilities in the future as your business needs, and partner relationships, evolve.

Find a Solution That Supports Long-Term Agility and Growth

You need a flexible platform—one that supports critical processes and enables you to make short-term adjustments, but also supports larger customizations over time. Patience and persistence are key to finding the right EDI company. Choose and EDI service provider that can tailor a solution to fit your unique needs.

Why do companies partner with Radley for expert EDI consultation and ongoing managed services as they prepare for tomorrow’s supply chain challenges? Because our systems integration experts learn and understand our partners’ needs before designing long-term solutions to meet their key requirements. Contact us and discover how easy meeting all of your information exchange requirements can be, starting today.

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