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How does RFID asset tracking work?

Keeping track of raw materials, equipment, and finished products is essential for any manufacturing or logistics operation. With goods constantly moving, machinery running, and the changing status of items in and around the shop or warehouse floor, understanding the real-time status of assets can help reduce waste, improve productivity, and streamline operations. How does RFID asset tracking work?

An RFID asset tracking system offers a convenient way to track a wide variety of assets in real-time. Rather than manually accounting for items, RFID asset tracking uses wireless technology. RFID can check assets in and out, track characteristics, and deliver reporting that makes it easier to manage inventory.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology embeds electronic data into small tags or labels. The data can be read by antennas, RFID-enabled computers, and a wide array of other devices.

The traditional barcoding process requires workers to physically scan objects. In contrast, RFID asset tracking software can automatically track the status of multiple items at once.

The flexibility of RFID portals, tags, and readers means that virtually any asset can be tracked in real time. Physical inventory counts, order receiving, and equipment logging can all be performed and relayed to a backend database or ERP.

Because RFID tags can be read wirelessly and simultaneously, implementing RFID asset tracking can significantly streamline the operations of any warehouse or logistics operation. RFID can replace time spent locating items, correcting manual input errors, or performing audits. RFID delivers a highly accurate and accountable operational picture in real time.

The practical implementation of RFID asset tracking solutions make it easier to log damage and asset conditions, track warranty dates and maintenance schedules, and monitor inventory levels. This results in a high level of supply chain visibility. Comprehensive reporting tools can also take advantage of RFID data. This makes it possible to produce customizable reports and send automatic alerts whenever an item’s status changes.

Radley Corporation’s real-time RFID asset tracking delivers a highly flexible solution for manufacturers and distributors. Available as a standalone solution or with a full ERP integration, Radley technology simplifies the process of tracking assets. For more information on how RFID asset tracking works, contact us to learn how an RFID system from Radley can improve the performance of your warehouse or logistics operation.

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