Solutions for Cityworks Software

Radley’s integrated products for Cityworks Storeroom system users lets you streamline daily operations, consolidate tasks, and automate workflows, all within a Cityworks-centric environment. Based on your business logic, Radley consolidates numerous tasks into one simple workflow, without costly consulting services and customizations. Our user interface was built for maximum worker productivity, easy to use and multi-lingual. By streamlining data entry and daily operations as well as automating material handling transactions, users follow the simple software prompts as Radley technology is busy behind the scenes validating data and processing multiple transactions at the same time.

Radley’s Solution Platform for Cityworks

Seamless Integration & Innovative Technology

Radley’s barcoding and data collection software provides a complete productivity solution for public agencies. With intelligent prompting, your data can be validated against the Cityworks database. Eliminate manual tasks and bypass time-consuming paperwork. Streamline Storeroom processes; Receive, Issue, Move and Transfer inventory using a hand-held device with a touch control UI, compatible with Windows or Android operating systems. Updates are made with each transaction as it happens—in real time. Analyze status of containers, tools and equipment, gather machine data, even integrate automated labeling

Experts in the Industry

Unlike the competition, we are not just a barcode data collection provider. We go far beyond the automation of transactions to offer you a comprehensive platform of solutions, services and hardware to help boost your productivity.

Functionality Highlights

  • Automate Storeroom Management
  • Utilize Bar Code Scanning and/or RFID Technologies
  • Integrate Your Inventory/Asset Label Printing
  • Prioritize Worker Tasks & Execution
  • Leverage EDI To Automate Purchase Orders & Process Invoices
  • Integrate Labeling & Regulation Compliance
  • Gain Real-Time Inventory & Asset Visibility
  • Automate Employee Labor Time Tracking

Learn More

Want to learn more? Watch this webinar on getting started with automated data collection in the warehouse. You’ll explore the basics of AIDC, technology options and implementation tips. Presented by Cityworks and Radley. 

Getting Started with Automated Warehouse Data Collection

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