Did You Know? Access Radley Solutions on Mobile & Android Devices

Over the next few years, many wireless handheld mobile computers used in warehouse and distribution environments will move from a Windows-based interface to an Android interface. Radley is excited to now offer a mobile user interface (UI) for users of Honeywell and Zebra devices. The mobile UI allows you to keep your current Windows-enabled devices and upgrade to run on Android UI once the Windows UI is phased out.

With a mix of old and new hardware running Windows OS and Android OS, you can phase in replacement costs over time, while still enjoying full productivity. There is also an option for upgrading your current Windows devices to the new Android software version. Ask your Radley Account Manager for upgrade details or contact a product specialist today!

Mobile OS Transition Services

Radley can help you choose the right Android Migration strategy for your business. Click here to learn more.