Customer Spotlight: GEM Group

Gemline logoA long-time Radley customer, Gem Group is a premier supplier of bags, business accessories, stationery, drinkware, gifts and writing instruments.

Over a decade ago, GEM Group began its journey with Radley, automating IFS data collection throughout their warehouse, manufacturing, and order fulfillment areas. This initial implementation allowed them to eliminate paper-based data collection, streamline multi-step processes, and expedite material releases from their ERP.

After realizing benefits from their first Radley project, GEM Group identified additional areas of their operation which would benefit from automation. First, their sample room used a manual process to create pick lists, and delivery from IFS. Also, manual processes in their shipping process lead to orders consistently missing essential shipping information or containing errors. Radley was able to automate the entire process from start to finish. The system automatically creates the pick lists and streamlines labeling and shipping, error-proofing and updating the data along the way.

In their most recent implementation, Gem Group had upgraded their IFS ERP from IFS Apps8 to IFS APPS10. They enlisted Radley’s services once again to accomplish two main goals:

  • Enable efficient processes that are able to handle the large number of orders that get processed daily
  • Ensure quality delivery of customer orders

For best results, Radley recommended a phased approach to implementation. Several transactions were streamlined included Purchase Order Arrival, Purchase Order Move to Stock, Inventory Part Inquiry, and Change Inventory Part Location. Radley not only revamped Gem Group’s existing Radley data collection solution, but also ensured that a continued interface with their third-party logistics shipping application.