Can Printers Boost Your Manufacturing Productivity?

Have you considered how printers boost manufacturing productivity? While you may not immediately think of printers as a vital productivity-enhancing tool for assembly and manufacturing industries, re-framing this concept will reveal the hidden costs incurred when production contends with frequent printing problems: wasted time, squandered materials, documentation errors, disruptions to the office workflow, and unnecessary IT or help desk assistance.

Printers boost manufacturing productivity, but only when you have the right printer for the taskā€”one that uses the best technology for the application, is easy to operate, clean and maintain, and has the features needed to automate many manual functions. Many production processes involve creating labels, work orders, inventory logs, bills-of-material and job tickets. When this necessary production documentation is handwritten, errors inevitably appear when numbers or instructions are transcribed from one document to another.

A dedicated printer for office and plant floor printing will streamline the manufacturing process and provide multiple benefits:
1.) Seamless integration with enterprise-wide business systems, connecting manufacturing management with production, inventory, and outbound logistics

2.) Barcode scanning and printing will add built-in information to labels – recording each production process; your company gains improved product traceability and production visibility

3.) Dedicated printers eliminate wasted time walking to distant printers; ‘just-in-time’ printing at the point of production reduces the likelihood of order mix-ups

4.) Removal of valuable labor time (and human errors) when documentation is sent directly from business systems to the production line

5.) Reduction in part mislabeling with on-demand, pre-printed labels at the point of use; a more efficient system compared to mass printing labels prior to production runs

6.) Quality and efficiency are promoted, while traditional, yet inefficient methods that add workflow burden and additional costs, are demoted

Printing technology can add extensive functionality to your production environment. Selecting the right printer depends on a number of factors, including your production environment, quantity and type of labels needed, and network requirements. The experienced consultants at Radley Corporation can evaluate, recommend, install, configure and support your hardware needs whatever your industry and environment. Contact us for a free consultation with a Product Specialist.

Written by Radley Corporation