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Can Printers Boost Your Manufacturing Productivity?

Have you considered how printers boost manufacturing productivity? It’s true, you may not think of printers as a way to enhance productivity for manufacturing industries. Yet, re-framing this concept will reveal the hidden costs of frequent printing problems.

  • Wasted time
  • Squandered materials
  • Data errors
  • Disruptions to the office workflow
  • Unnecessary IT help

Printers have the potential to boost manufacturing productivity. But, only when you have the right printer for the task. Namely, one that uses the best technology, is easy to operate, and can automate manual functions.

For instance, many production processes involve creating labels, work orders, inventory logs, and BOMs. When these documents are handwritten, errors are bound to happen.

But, a dedicated printer for plant floor printing will streamline processes and provide many benefits.

1.) Seamless integration with business systems. This integration connects manufacturing management with production, inventory, and outbound logistics.

2.) Barcode scanning and printing will add built-in information to labels. By recording each production process, your company gains improved traceability and production visibility.

3.) Dedicated printers end wasted time walking to and from distant printers. ‘Just-in-time’ printing at the point of production reduces the likelihood of order mix-ups.

4.) End wasted labor time and human errors by sending documents directly to the production line.

5.) Reduction in part mislabeling with on-demand, pre-printed labels at the point of use. This is a more efficient system than mass printing labels before production runs.

6.) Promote quality and efficiency by ending inefficient methods that add effort and costs.

Printing technology can add needed functionality to your production environment. Selecting the right printer depends on many factors:

  • Production environment
  • Quantity and type of labels
  • Network requirements


Zebra’s ZT400 Printers for Printing Performance

Are you looking for a versatile industrial printer? Zebra Technologies’ ZT400 Series has the exact features you need and is designed with user-friendly operations.

The ZT400 series features two models: the ZT410 and the ZT420. The ZT400 Series allows you to print either thermal transfer or direct thermal transfer. These printers are used for many applications including manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and warehousing.


Zebra’s Z Series printers are known for reliability and durability. What you get with the ZT400 is an industrial printer with advanced technology benefits that can withstand many harsh environments.

The ZT400 printers are constructed with a durable metal frame. Printer heads feature a long-life coating that protects the printheads when printing in direct thermal mode. This will reduce the need to replace the printheads. The printheads are thin with E3™ Element Energy™ Equalizer, which delivers superior print quality.

The printers also feature a bi-fold metal media cover with enlarged clear viewing window. Plus a side-loading supplies path provides simplified media and ribbon loading. The side-loading supplies path makes for a far faster and simpler loading process than many printers.

Users follow a color-coded media path that clearly guides the user when threading media and ribbons. The lighted paths make it easy to see, even if your work space has poor lighting.

Zebra’s Z Series comes with standard black and white LDC color options. Another unique feature that makes the ZT400 printers popular is the option for a large color display screen. The LCD makes operating the printer easy for the user, and the setup is not difficult.

Users can operate the printer with an intuitive icon-based interface. When the printer is paused or in an error state, a color-coded alert appears, making troubleshooting easy for any user.

Printing Capabilities

A printer’s resolution and capabilities are always important when selecting a printer. The ZT400 Series offers three resolutions for your printing needs: 203 dpi, 300 dpi, and 600 dpi.

The 600 dpi options are available on the ZT410. You can also print a variety of label formats and use different media types. These printers offer 4-inch and 6-inch models, so you can select the one that best fits your needs.

The ZT400 is customizable, and you can install media handling options in minutes. You also have the option of adding RFID capabilities. This allows even greater tracking of your inventory and deeper visibility into your operations.


Zebra’s ZT400 Series offers multiple connectivity options. These ensure easy and secure connection to the Internet, including fast and reliable Wi-Fi options.

These options include Ethernet, USB, USB Host, and Bluetooth 2.1. You can add an optional dual-band wireless card with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and its latest security protocols, plus Bluetooth 4.1.

You also can avoid having to plug and unplug other equipment to get the job done. The dual USB Host ports give you the flexibility to configure your ZT400 printer to a wide range of USB devices. For example, you can use a memory stick to replicate firmware, files, or configurations. Also use the memory stick to print and transfer data formats, or add a scanner or keyboard to simplify data entry.

The ZT400 Series can help you maximize productivity with its easy-to-use printers. Radley’s experienced consultants can recommend printers for your industry and environment. Contact us for a free consultation with a Product Specialist.

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