4 Tips for a Successful Software Implementation

New software can help you make the most of your resources. For instance, it allows a bird’s-eye view into the daily warehouse and manufacturing operations. But how do you ensure a successful software project? Here are the top 4 tips to consider:
1. Communication
In any successful endeavor involving many people, communication is key. This is especially true with software in a warehouse or manufacturing environment.
You have many moving pieces, many parties with a stake in these changes. So, it’s important that knowledge flows both ways.
Make sure that your development team know about relevant changes. Also, don’t forget to ask for any insights they may have. At each step, make sure to keep team members involved and in touch.
2. Documentation
Document everything. Make sure that you have a specific list of features in writing. Plus, double check that your software includes all the functionality you need.
There is a phrase in software circles: “legacy code.” This phrase generally refers to code so complex, so old and outdated that no one knows exactly what it does. But, what it does is important. You never want to wind up in a situation where only a handful of people or product owner know how things work.
3. Orientation
Take time to train new users in a safe environment. Let them try out the new features – and maybe discover some flaws in program functionality.
Give them a chance to ask questions, make mistakes, and see for themselves. This would preferably happen in a training environment. You don’t want real-world goods disappearing from the system.
4. On-going Maintenance & Support
This could be the most important and often overlooked step. We’re taking about the after-party of a successful software implementation. Trust us – here’s the part you definitely don’t want to miss.
Even if there are no problems (knock on wood), change happens. For instance, government regulations may change, requiring updates to your processes and documentation. Also, new clients and new possibilities may bring with them a whole new level of complexity.
Successful software implementation does not end on the first day – or the second – and you should plan for that. Make sure you have processes in place to deal with the unexpected.
A recent report showed that 75% of business and IT executives anticipate their software projects will fail. But for decades, Radley experts have helped companies like yours a enjoy successful software project. To learn more about productivity software development for your company contact us today.