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Radley - Hosted EDI Solutions

Because of the lower cost of ownership and the quick results provided, companies of all sizes are outsourcing their EDI and integration services. With Radley Corporation’s hosted eCommerce solutions, hiring and training an EDI team is not necessary. The eCommerce experts at Radley become your EDI team, allowing your focus to remain on all other aspects of your business.

Radley’s hosted solutions allow subscribers to access, use and integrate the software into their manufacturing and order entry applications using XML and Web Services. Technical duties, such as updating software, and backing up data, are outsourced to Radley professionals and are included within the standard monthly subscription price. Radley’s collocated servers are architected into a professional ASP facility and are designed to deliver 100% uptime.

By leveraging the power of the Internet and Radley Corporation’s extensive experience in the B2B environment, we can offer customers a solution that has a low capital investment and is very simple to use. Radley's eCommerce solution set includes support for web forms, XML, EDI and Internet printing of shipping and receiving labels.

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