Labor Tracking

Automatically collect time metrics against jobs, tasks, projects and work orders allowing labor and machine performance be measured, analyzed and reported against.

Automate to Boost Productivity
  • • Compare scheduled time versus direct or indirect time
  • • Identify processes for refinement to yield greater productivity
  • • View labor on tasks completed by multiple employees
  • • Automate data entry into ERP or back end system
  • • Compare employee performance and productivity
  • • Report against rework, scrap and completed quantities
  • • Validate labor estimates against actual labor
  • • Monitor machine usage, downtime and reason codes
  • • Track operation start and stop times
  • • Allocate work based on availability & skill

Our easy to use, multi-language interface includes exception reporting, alerts and notifications. Your data is secure with role based permissions. Includes supervisor transaction reviews, complete transaction history and a powerful query.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

  • Improve Workforce Efficiency
  • Eliminate Manual Error
  • Easily Allocate Labor & Resources
  • Decrease Administrative Expenses
  • Have Real-time Data for Queries, Reports and Analysis
  • Monitor & Evaluate OEE
  • Improve Production Planning & Forecasting

Implement as a stand-alone solution or integrate to your ERP or business system for complete visibility and real-time communication.

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