Work-in-Progress Softwarefor Real-Time Visibility in Manufacturing

Radley's WIP tracking functionality can dramatically improve traceability, productivity, accuracy and value of your work-in-progress while automatically generating ERP transactions during the same data collection processes.

Work-in-progress (WIP) can present numerous challenges in manufacturing; from understanding the value of partially manufactured goods, to the ability to trace specific details of those goods such as status, component/raw material lots and serial numbers, processing details and various characteristics specific to a particular process, industry or product. Radley's manufacturing solutions provide the capability to not only collect the data needed to understand WIP in greater detail, but to analyze current and historical data along with the ability to automatically notify users or managers real-time when things go awry during the manufacturing process.

Real-Time Visibility
Automatically exchange data between systems and ensure information is shared between departments as soon as it is available: ERP, Accounting, EDI, shipping/transport customer, supplier and third party logistics systems.

Benefits of Radley WIP

  • • Provides visibility within WIP to the operation/point of routing of materials in process
  • • Automatic collection of data from barcodes, RFID, machines to provide granular details
  • • Tracks the production of finished goods and scrapped materials
  • • Enforce the FIFO of the material as it moves through manufacturing operations
  • • Tracks the quality status of raw materials, WIP and finished goods
  • • Detects errors and prevents mistakes, ensures only the correct materials are utilized
  • • Automatically alerts management when standard process flows are bypassed or predetermined timings are not met
  • Traceability of raw material/component lots or serial numbers to finished goods
  • • Time-stamps each process step and identifies user, workstation, shift, machine, etc.
  • • Helps provide costing for WIP at any operation completed regardless of backflush points