Simplify and automate your processes by bringing item and asset data transactions to a handheld device.

Beyond Just Data Collection

Radley's mobile computing solution provides a modern consumer electronic interface on rugged mobile devices. With the ability to download and upload digital images, you have a comprehensive real-time view of your assets and inventory. Increasing efficiency and eliminating errors from your manual process is what you can expect when you use Radley Barcoding.

manufacturingAutomate collection, entry and validation of manufacturing-related data. Streamline manufacturing processes, improve productivity and have real-time visibility into consumption and finished goods. Accurately track scrap, labor, and completions. Get a birds-eye detailed view into WIP. Consolidate multiple transactions into a single workflow. Radley Barcoding takes lot and serial tracking to a whole new level.

receivingRight at the dock, you can be sure quantities received are accurate. Collect the quality data you need to meet your requirements. Automatically notify the appropriate personnel when high priority supplies arrive at the dock. You can even print labels for non-compliant suppliers' goods. Your inventory is received into your business system in real-time!

inventoryIncrease inventory accuracy by eliminating the need to guess where your product is or how much you really have! With Radley Barcoding moving inventory is easy, efficient and accurate. Forced cycle counts on high value/critical material whenever they are touched drastically reduces physical inventory time and effort! 

shippingPick the right product, for the right customer, at the right time! From printing customer specific labels, all the way through to confirming the shipment and automatically creating invoices, verify and update as you go! What goes on the truck belongs on the truck...and everything that belongs on the truck is really ON the truck! 

Radley on Intermec® CK70

Client-First Solution

  • Real-Time Results
  • Perform Transactions: Receive, Check In/Out, Issue, Cycle Count, etc.
  • Simplify Your Process
  • Reduce Audit Risks
  • Eliminate Error