Container Tracking

Returnable containers, also known as reusable transport items or “RTI’s” are often an overlooked factor within manufacturing, warehouse and distribution centers until there is issue with production, severe shipping delays, or customer requirement. Companies looking for better ways to increase visibility to these assets are using software and RFID technology to fill gaps in their existing, highly manual processes.

Radley can help you address asset tracking challenges with everything from a single component to returnable transport items and specialized tools. Reduce waste, pilferage and damage to assets in your assembly plants, trailer yards, warehouses and maintenance depots.

Improve forecasting and communication by receiving notifications when a container isn’t returned or when unauthorized movement takes place. Configure and run reports to analyze dwell and cycle time. Maintain a detailed asset history to reference during audits, maintenance and customer disputes. Gain control of container inventory, utilization and status.

Implement as a stand-alone application or fully integrate to your ERP, business system and other outside databases. With a variety of configurable options it’s easy to shape the solution to your industry, workflow and specific requirements.

Container Tracking is just one of the solutions that make up Radley’s EDI, MES & WMS technology platform allowing you options for continuous improvement and growth. And as a total solution provider Radley offers more than just software, sharing years of experience and industry knowledge to assist in gap analysis, process evaluations and RFID site surveys.

Functionality Highlights

Utilize RFID technology & software to close the gap in your Container tracking processes.

  • System Integration
  • Full Asset History
  • Configurable Fields
  • Automated Alerts
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Data Capture
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Search & Query

Do RTI's Affect Your Business?

Reusable Transport Items are an essential component in the flow of materials and products.

  • • Containers
  • • Shipping Pallets
  • • Totes
  • • Racks
  • • Steel Roll Cages

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