Asset Tracking

Radley Asset Tracking provides real-time tracking and management of assets to control the Check In/Check Out to a location, contract, user, and project, to name a few.


Inventory Control

Radley Inventory Control solution is elegantly simple, yet smart and efficient, with the functionality to track unlimited items and locations. With Radley Inventory Control you will know in real-time exactly how much of each material item is on hand, from the warehouse, office or the boardroom.


Use barcode scanning to automate the receipt, movement and assignment of inventory and assets. Reduce error and increase efficiency in day-to-day transactions as well as cycle counts and physical inventory.



Radley Traceability provides additional levels of material control and visibility. It is the perfect solution for tracking sub-assets within an asset. Use Radley IntelliLabel- Traceability to collect, track and view item or asset attribute history and status details anywhere along the supply chain.


Radley Integration provides a convenient interface with your other business and execution systems. It's easy to integrate with Radley Materials Management Solutions using web services and API's.


For Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) and UID Registry Integration, Materials Management Integration identifies items that require a Unique Item Identifier (UII), generates compliant UII's and automates upload to WAWF and the UID Registry. Call us about integrating your current solution to WAWF and UID Registry.

Control, Communicate, Comply

Offering ultimate flexibility, Radley Materials Management helps you gain control of your inventory or asset management system. Increase visibility to your process by improving communication within your organization. Simple to configure and easy to use, let Radley be your secret weapon to comply with internal, customer and industry requirements so you can face audits and physical inventory with confidence.

Take the next step...

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