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IFS Logo Medical Case Study Integrated Business Systems

Radley helped a leading biological tissue processor integrate data processing between three separate systems, while streamlining and adding validation to their picking process.

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Durham Streamlined Picking Process

Radley helped Peerless-AV automate and streamline processes, eliminating nearly all of the manual data entry for the picking and processing of orders.

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Durham Standards International Requirements

During the implementation of a new ERP, Durham identified areas requiring enhanced functionality to resolve the complexities of their shipping, labeling and EDI requirements.

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IFS Logo ITW PainlessImplementation

“They avoided an extensive learning curve and the need to increase labor... “…it would not have worked without the union of QAD and Radley“...

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Integrated EDI for Manufacturing Compliant EDI for Manufacturing

“The customer’s ability to meet trading partner specific requirements...has greatly improved...their own customers’ supplier satisfaction ratings.”

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Completing ERP Implementation case study FunctionalityFilling the Gaps

"90% of business process was run by spreadsheet with an Access database... After selecting a new ERP, the customer identified functionality gaps based on their specific...”

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Honda EDI Certification case study Build vs Buy

"... a Honda certified solution that delivers all the EDI data management, reporting, labeling, scanning, and shipping documents specified in the Honda “Blue Book”.

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manufacturing process optimization case study Perfectionin Manufacturing

"Over 19 unique processes were automated, nearly all of their manual data entry was eliminated and real-time visibility was gained into their entire process."

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medical device manufacturing case study Automating26 DistinctProcesses

"Increased overall efficiency with primary focus on speeding up their processes and gaining visibility into their inventory."

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medical device manufacturing case study ChallengeUnique Solution

CUSTOMER 3PL Process: “We used to have an EDI crisis every week, now all is fully automated. I love it. We were never able to send future orders and now we are sending those as well.”
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pacific steel castings BottlenecksOvercome

Timely completion of manually created outgoing EDI transactions was becoming impossible.  Pacific Steel Castings, Inc. used B2B out-of-the-box EDI solution, iR*EDI, to eliminate concerns about custom EDI... Read Now

IFS Logo manufacturing efficient technology Phase IIProcess Execution

"...The improvement that Radley has made to the Sample Room has been great. We used to “batch” our orders throughout the day, leaving me tied to my office. Now the orders print every 4 minutes. This has provided..." Read Now

steel FabricatorAdds Visibility to Job Site

Improved View of Project Status: "...Between the time it ships from the Fabricator and when it is erected at the job site, structural steel may seem to enter a virtual black hole."
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IFS Logo steel Phase I Assist to Process Execution

“We are now able to do things we couldn’t even imagine with our old systems,” stated David Latham, Gemline’s Manufacturing Business Systems Analyst
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OEM Expansion Pain of Overseas

Radley’s iCARaS hosted Automotive EDI solution made Saint Jean’s transition into the US automotive market easier, and less painful. Since EDI is a requirement by all OEM’s...
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healthcare AutomatingEDI Healthcare Claims

Replaced manual system with a hosted version of Radley’s B2B EDI solution, iR*EDI. Now have the ability to produce and verify EDI while automating all the processes related to EDI.
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Food Traceability Traceability for the Food Industry

Eliminated manual data collection on spreadsheets, ensuring all necessary data elements for traceability are recorded.

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