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AXDCRadley Barcoding for IFS is far more than the simple automation of IFS transactions. We do that too of course, just like all the other guys.

But we have over 20 years of experience delivering ERP barcode solutions across many manufacturing industries for customers that range from one location to 50+ across multiple countries in multiple languages.

Our integrated set of shop floor solutions help you meet process, industry, regulatory, safety, hazardous, workforce, etc., requirements without having to customize your IFS software. We solve the complex challenges and still deliver an intuitive and simple interface to your users.

receivingAs each vendor shipment arrives scan the bar code labels, capturing and verifying your purchase order number, part numbers & quantities, lot numbers, etc., against your own receiving tolerances. Send prompts with put-away locations and/or direct issues to the shop floor. IFS inventory is updated immediately upon receipt. Vendors not compliant with your label specifications? Print labels and apply in Receiving.

inventoryBypass time-consuming paperwork and manual data entry by scanning part and locations to perform inventory transfers, issues, adjustments and returns, and update IFS in real time. Counting procedures are also simplified by downloading count items, locations and bin contents to the user's terminal with no need to log into IFS. 

manufacturingBy automating the collection, entry and validation of manufacturing-related data, Radley streamlines manufacturing processes, improves productivity and provides real-time visibility into consumption and finished goods. Scrap, labor, and completions are more accurately tracked. Get a birds-eye detailed view into WIP. Consolidate multiple IFS transactions into a single workflow. Radley Barcoding takes lot and serial tracking to a whole new level.

shippingQuickly selecting the right item in the right quantity for the right customer – every time – is the key to shipping success. When the pick list is downloaded to your shipping clerk, the exact item, quantity and location information guides the clerk to make the proper selections, and verifies the accuracy of each pick. Your customer's specified shipping labels will print automatically, saving the time and potential for manual data entry errors.

Radley on Intermec® CK71

IFS Barcoding
Product Features

  • Integrated Barcode Label Printing
  • Client-server architecture provides 24/7 transaction availability
  • Configurable workflow supports your unique operations
  • Immediate error alerts - as each barcode is scanned
  • Online queries, downloads & label prints - from IFS to the user
  • Proven Methodology - enforces your best practices
  • Instant notification - on any event or exception
  • Streamlined cycle - and physical inventory counting
  • Capture of actual production labor time
  • Verification of each shipment by item, quantity, lot, location, etc.