Mobile Data Collection for Optimized Efficiency!

Radley’s platform of pre-built, integrated solutions for IFS puts you back in the driver’s seat. Don’t change the way you do business to follow IFS menus; streamline your unique processes, consolidate tasks and automate workflows to gain the most efficient functionality, without the customizations.


IFS barcoding scannerRadley’s configurable barcoding solution will change the way you think about mobile data collection. Not a terminal emulation (TE) solution, but real-time transaction processing that offers so much more than just the scanning of barcodes.

Radley gives you back the control over your business processes that most ERP’s take away by forcing your workers to step through multiple menus and tasks to perform an event. Based on your business logic, Radley consolidates numerous tasks into one simple workflow. Our user interface was built for maximum worker productivity, easy to use and multi-lingual. Workers follow the software prompts as Radley technology is busy behind the scenes validating data and processing multiple events at the same time.

Imagine your workforce operating at maximum productivity, production costs lowered and overall efficiency increased; all while growing your business. Visit our Knowledge Center to read real customer success stories and learn more about how Radley can help you get the most out of your ERP solution.


Simplifying your receiving process is just the beginning!  In addition to streamlining and consolidating the IFS process and verifying the data such as purchase order, part numbers, quantities, lot, etc. go a step further and let Radley configure receiving validations to optimize the process based on your specific business needs such as quality requirements, integrated label printing and more.


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Read how a real customer improved their Receiving process:  Configured to automatically verify if materials/products being received were required to be sent to quality and if they were; Radley accessing a third party quality system to automate the necessary documentation and/or label to print.

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inventoryEliminate manual, handwritten labels and bypass time-consuming paperwork by scanning part and locations to perform inventory transfers, issues, adjustments and returns, while updating real-time in IFS.  Maximize resource time and ensure the accuracy of data by automating inventory & counting tasks; perform inventory inquiries and reprint labels all from a mobile computer or handheld device.  Make Radley work for you, let us solve your most complex problems such as displaying multiple units of measure within transactions to simplify the receipt, movement and shipping of raw materials.

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Read about a real customer who was having a difficult time transitioning their users to new part numbers:  Radley displayed the old part numbers to the users on their devices while processing the new part numbers in the background, updating their ERP system.

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shippingSpeed and accuracy are the keys to shipping success.  Not just quickly selecting the right item in the right quantity for the right customer, but automating and validating the process to ensure its right, every time.  Radley’s transactions can be configured to perform multiple steps within IFS while validating customer, order and shipping data at the same time.  When the pick list is displayed to your shipping clerk, the transaction guides them to the exact item, quantity and location information and verifies the accuracy of each pick.  Integrated labeling allows your customer's specified shipping labels to print automatically.  Save time, prevent errors and increase the accuracy of your inventory and shipping process.

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Read about a real customer whose inventory was off due to conflicts with picking and counting: Radley smart transactions enabled users to continue picking orders during cycle counts by preventing inventory that was actively being counting from being relieved and automated emails were generated to notify a supervisor.

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manufacturingView WIP like you’ve never done before with real-time visibility into consumption and finished goods. Automating the collection, entry and validation of manufacturing data means that scrap, labor and completions are more accurately tracked.  Have access to more reliable data for analysis to improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction and lower operation costs.  We can do the hard stuff, let us simplify and eliminate multiple steps for building up pallets by consolidating transactions using Radley Containerization/Kitting, powered by our trademarked IntelliLabel technology.


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Read about a real customer whose raw material inventory was purchased and displayed in their ERP as one unit of measure but inventoried and sold in another. Radley calculated conversions in the background and also displayed multiple units of measures on the mobile device so the users wouldn’t have to manually calculate while doing receipt, movement and shipping transactions for raw materials.

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Considering the Value of
Radley Manufacturing Solutions

  • We bring 40+ years of experience working with manufacturing customers in over 33 countries.
  • We work with your team to provide an on-site, in-depth analysis of your unique process.
  • We configure a solution to meet your specific needs and requirements, without customizing IFS.

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Features & Benefits

  • Consolidate and Minimize Scans/Transactions
  • Increase Real-Time Visibility to Inventory & Status’s
  • Streamline Cycle and Physical Inventory Counting
  • Receive Immediate Error Alerts - As Each Barcode Is Scanned
  • Online Queries, Downloads & Label Prints - From their ERP System to End User
  • Ability to Reduce Audit Risks & Comply With Standards
  • Simplify Kitting of Materials & Components
  • Automated Email Alerts of Inventory Errors, Status’s, Etc.
  • Search Inventory by Unlimited Characteristics, Serial, Co-Mingled Lots
  • Optimized Label Printing
  • Configurable to Unique Business Needs
  • Streamline Picking, Packing & Shipping
  • Improve Data Integrity