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Radley Productivity Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

Whether it's product traceability, labor tracking, or an inventory management solution without a full-blown WMS, Radley products are well suited for the Food and Beverage Industry.  Dakota Growers Pasta Co., Boar's Head Meat, Old Neighborhood Foods, Oxford Frozen Foods, Lawlers, and Hilmar Cheese all rely on Radley to productively manage their data.

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Barcode Data Collection

Radley Barcoding is built on x/DC, Radley's own .Net XML-based data collection development and integration platform. x/DC’s client/server architecture offers scalability, performance and availability unachievable by other solutions. This includes a graphical user interface on mobile devices, downloading and/or uploading of digital images, RFID filtering, automatic store and forward capabilities in the event of outages to keep users working and much more.

Electronic Data Interchange - EDI Solutions and Services

Radley offers iR*EDI, a next generation EDI solution for B2B automation. iR*EDI naturally supports the dynamic requirements of the Internet and private networks, traditional and emerging standards, communications, security, privacy, and more. Just as importantly, the solution also leverages Radley's extensive experience to enhance the ease of use and operational efficiencies of day-to-day EDI operations and business process management.

iSC can dramatically improve supply chain responsiveness, increase productivity, and improve the quality of information across the supply chain, meeting the goals of both customers and suppliers. iSC allows you to send demand to your supplier as EDI or Web data, based on the capabilities of each supplier. iSC data can be formatted as purchase order and/or weekly/daily ship schedules, and process EDI advance ship notices or Web ship forms. iSC can make use of ERP integration utilities to reduce or eliminate manual updates.